Addiction Solutions provides a range of diverse and varied training to organisations in the third sector, public and private sectors;

  • Drug and Alcohol Training
  • Staff training to assist those working with drug and or alcohol dependency
  • Management Training for those working in the drug and alcohol field
  • Staff Training for those working in a residential setting
  • Training for Human Resources departments of organisations who are  not drug/alcohol services but are dealing with drug and or alcohol dependency issues within the workforce
  • Project Set-up training
  • Training to Drug and or alcohol dependents
  • Staff Away-Days and staff seminars
  • Training on performance monitoring and outcomes measurement
  • Training on Policy Development
  • Training on Organisational Developments
  • Managing Staff
  • Drug Testing

The work of Addiction Solutions is generally split between working with drug and or alcohol agencies to improve service delivery and providing support to companies who have absolutely nothing to do with drug or alcohol services but are encountering substance misuse issues within the workforce.

For the latter, many organisations have suffered for years not knowing how to deal with an employee with a substance misuse problem. The main problems facing employers stem from alcohol misuse. Some employers have dealt unsuccessfully with employees with an alcohol dependency to the detriment of the organisation and the employee for many years.

Where there is alcohol dependency the best way of dealing with it is with our expert help. We will address the problem and not simply deal with absence and punctuality at work. In order to introduce legal company policy to deal with alcohol or drugs misuse by employees in the workforce a bespoke, stringent and rigorous drugs and alcohol policy will be written and implemented within your organisation.

Addiction Solutions has a fair and legal strategy for dealing with dependency to benefit both employers and employees