Services to employers

Employers of a large or medium sized business who need help or advice in order to deal effectively with drugs or alcohol dependency, eating disorders, or other addictive behaviours affecting the workplace could benefit from our Support Services to employers. These include working with Human Resources and Personnel departments to provide training in how to identify substance misuse problems in the workplace and what to do in those situations where dependency is causing a problem. Services also include providing discrete professional counselling and referral to detoxification units.

Alcohol and Drug dependency is prevalent in modern day Britain and organisations are experiencing increasing incidences associated with drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

Without the benefit of robust, fit for purpose, policies on drugs and alcohol many organisations are counting the cost in terms of extended periods of sick leave which leaves the company counting the costs both financially and in terms of human resources. In some cases it has been known for employees to present this burden to the organisation for several years with companies not knowing how to address this issue safely and legally.

It is not in the best interests of the employer, its customers or beneficiaries, or for other employees affected by a colleague's prolonged absence or poor work performance. However, and perhaps more importantly the situation, if unaddressed, is not at all helpful to the employee concerned.

Addiction Solutions can provide advice to HR departments and can help the organisation to formulate robust policy for dealing with substance misuse and dependency; commonly referred to as drug addiction and alcoholism.

Whilst employers seek to be empathetic and supportive to employees with drug and or alcohol problems they must be careful to ensure that they are not enabling the condition to continue due to a lack of enforceable policy. In addition, may employers fear tribunals if they confront the problem after a long history of under-performing. ADSOL provides an end to end service to identify and treat the condition in the workplace.

In today’s climate a pro-active approach to dealing with alcohol and drugs is necessary and prudent. ADSOL can write policy or advise policy development groups or personnel in this vital area.