Project management

If you are feeling the strain of cuts in spending, continually looking for core costs, spending time in competitive tendering, monitoring soft and hard outcomes, trying to navigate around the political changes and workforce development issues then we can help.

Running and developing services to meet the needs of service users is becoming more and more complex and that’s where bringing in expertise to project manage and develop new schemes is a cost effective way of implementing developments.

Addiction Solutions has a wealth of Project Management experience. Whether you need help with drawing up a Business Case or Feasibility Study for a newly proposed project and help with setting up the final product, or whether you simply need support to overcome day-to-day management functions and challenges, we are here to help.

We can help you to develop an idea or meet a need your organisation’s service users have. We can help you to increase or improve productivity and outcomes and help you to manage your staff through expansions and changes.

Addiction Solutions has a proven track record of successful project implementation and of the whole project life cycle from the initial conceptual design stage and at each stage in between.

We can help with

  • Business planning
  • Motivating staff
  • Conducting project presentations
  • Compiling reports
  • Preparing budgets
  • Preparing timescales and meeting deadlines
  • Resources allocation
  • Anticipating risks
  • Assessing the impact of proposed changes
  • Influencing key decision makers

We can help you to set your objectives and inspire staff with vision for the future.