Helping a friend or family member

It can sometimes be very difficult supporting a family member or friend who has a drink or drug problem. Addiction is a cunning disease and often the denial involved and the manipulation and lies make support difficult. There have been many occasions where a couple has turned up for a counselling appointment and I have initially begun to engage with the husband and he has said, “It’s not me with the problem it’s her.” The reason for this, and incidentally it can be the other way around where it’s the wife bringing the husband. Nevertheless the mistake is easily made as often the partner looks more ill and stressed than the person needing counselling for an addiction – or dependency problem. In an extreme case a young son brought his Mum along and he looked more sad and depressed than her.

We do provide support for family members in terms of helping them to make the right decisions. Often they have become so worn down and depressed themselves and have lost themselves in constantly compromising their values to appease their spouse or family member that they need help too. We have years of experience in providing this type of counselling and support.

For an individual with a drug or alcohol problem or indeed any other addictive disorder we have a very good track record for treating people successfully. From making a full assessment of the problem, designing a programme of treatment and seeing it through. We also provide support sessions after people have completed their treatment.

We love our family and friends and want to do the best to help them. Unfortunately we can be providing the wrong sort of help and can in fact be enabling that person to continue in their addiction. Expert help is definitely the best way to address these problems and is also a less costly measure. Addiction causes family problems, financial problems and creates stress and uncertainty in relationships.

We are here to help either the person suffering from addiction, (dependency) on a substance or behaviour, (such as gambling), and we are also here to help those affected by someone else’s problem.