Detox and rehab referral

As well as suffering from the relentless cravings for alcohol or drugs, the physical effects can sometimes be overwhelming and detoxification or “drying out” can be the best way to begin treatment. Alcohol abuse, dependency or alcoholism; it doesn’t matter what we call it, can lead to many harmful physical effects on the body. The most common is liver damage, leading in severe cases to cirrhosis of the liver. Excessive use of alcohol can also cause brain damage, increases the chances of heart attacks and raises blood pressure.  It can sometimes be very dangerous to simply stop drinking and a medical withdrawal available in a detox and in some residential facilities is the safest way to proceed.  

Drug dependency can also create medical complications and going into withdrawal, or “cold-turkey” without medical help can be quite dangerous in some cases.

Addiction Solutions can help you to decide on the right place for you to begin your journey into freedom from addiction and dependency. We can take you through the assessment process and make the whole journey as comfortable and stress free as possible.

Residential treatment facilities are often the preferred choice of treament for those suffering from severe emotional problems which can  sometimes be so extreme as to make us feel as though we are having a nervouse breakdown the effects are so dibilitating.

Sometimes the psychological, mental and emotional problems cause us to think we are going mad, yet the prospects of giving up on our drug of choice seems even worse. We have to remember that even though we think we are medicating our problems with drugs or alcohol and that this is our medicine for what ails us, it is also our poison.

We have links with some of the best local, regional and national and international rehabilitation centres and can arrange your stay with full pre and post counselling support for after you are discharged.

We can also provide this service to employers as part of a support package including progress reports. At Addiction solutions you will be getting advice and treatment planning from highly qualified addiction specialists; our principle consultant has an MSc in Addictions Psychology and is a qualified addictions counsellor.