Consultancy services

Addiction Solutions provides individuals and organisations with access to information, advice and support services delivered in a friendly, understandable and timely manner in a way that is relevant to the culture of their organisation.

We pride ourselves on having experienced consultants delivering important services allowing our clients to concentrate on delivering their core business and daily operations. We want our clients to know that a complete support infrastructure will be provided to advise and support them throughout their presenting problems.

We provide a wide range of consultancy services: 

  • Independent/Objective Reviews
  • Problem Identification & Resolution
  • In-house Training
  • Management Development
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Obtaining Funding
  • Corporate Communications

Our aim is simply to provide quality consultancy and business development services at rates affordable to the third and public sectors as well as the business community, proving that you don’t necessarily need to incur huge costs to secure best quality.

Running an organisation in today’s uncertain climate is becoming more complex and trying to identify all the skills and competencies that are needed to ensure the smooth running of an organisation can be costly and take up valuable time. If like most organisations your resources are limited, then applying the right external skills to problems in a timely manner will guarantee maximum returns on your investment. 

Addiction Solutions can bring in the expertise needed to perform the functions necessary to deal with presenting problems. This is a cost effective way of bringing new expertise and also develops the skills and expertise of the organisation.

At Addiction Solutions we help you to think about the unthinkable, identify the risks to the organisation and disruption to service delivery, and to formulate a plan to address the situation and minimise the effects.