“We deal with “hard to reach” customers. My staff are very committed and passionate about their work but staff turnover was very high due to the stress of working with clients with drug and alcohol problems.

“Our staff are trained in job search, helping develop CVs, mock interviewing and training they are not drugs or alcohol workers.

“The staff had regularly attended drugs awareness training but that did not seem to be helping the situation. However, after accessing training from Addiction Solutions we realised that ‘awareness’ was only the tip of the iceberg, we learned how to deal with the problems and how to address barriers to learning and work, which is not easy but completely different when you have a trained workforce with standard practice in how to provide positive solutions.  We are now equipped to deal with drugs and alcohol related issues positively, our success rate has improved, our staff retention rates are so much better and more importantly our clients are being approached and coached in the right way. Our outcomes in terms of assisting them towards training and employment are so much improved that we recently had our contract to deliver these and additional services renewed.

“I am more than happy to recommend this organisation to anyone working with customers or client groups with similar issues.

- A Happier Employer