Counselling Supervision

“As an organisation we employ drug and alcohol counsellors. They receive supervision in the same way as the rest of our staff from line managers but it became clear that they needed specialist supervision from someone qualified as an addiction counsellor who understood the issues they were dealing with. After trawling the internet to find someone qualified to do this I could only find suitably qualified people in London or the surrounding areas. Eventually, because of concerns in terms of them coming up against difficult issues that they didn’t feel qualified to deal with, and just the stress of the job, I engaged someone from a generic counselling service. I felt better because I felt that I had responded to a need but after a while staff meetings seemed to be dominated by complaints that the supervision sessions were a waste of time and that my counsellors had spent more time in explaining issues to their supervisor than they had had any support or understanding.

“When I heard about addiction solutions I contacted them immediately. We now have supervision from qualified people who not only understand the issues but work with my counsellors to deliver solutions.  When I agreed to write a short account of my experiences of working with addiction solutions I spent a little time thinking about what I could say about them. I thought, well, they are professional, secondly they are passionate about helping people to overcome addiction and to support others doing the same, they are helping us to problem solve and find solutions. So this is how I sum up addiction solutions; “passionate professionals providing positive and powerful solutions”

- Clinical Director