Consultancy by Addiction Solutions

“We are a drug and alcohol service based in Yorkshire. We started off as a team of volunteers and the project grew to where it was going to get to with the expertise we had. We needed to increase our potential as an organisation so that we could continue as a valid and quality service. We were struggling for funding because commissioners of services wanted short interventions and we wanted to work with our service users from the moment they requested help, right up until they were happily settled with independent living arrangements, improved social functioning as well as being reunited with family members and ultimately into education, training, work placements and a job.

“All of this takes time and money and we had exhausted most of the funding opportunities available. We had a social enterprise, recycling and selling household goods, wood, metals etc but the potential of what we had was not being met.  We employed Addiction Solutions to undertake an in-depth review of the charity and the enterprise and to make recommendations to the Board of Trustees to address barriers to organisational development and success.

“This was over two years ago and we still use their services on a part time basis. We need them to help us to get to where we are going. We keep increasing our targets in terms of our outcomes for the success of our drug and alcohol service users, and with the social enterprise, our profitability.  This year the enterprise’ turnover was 400% higher than last year’s; we have gone from two full time and two part time members of staff to having an additional eight part time workers. The enterprise is now in a position to support the charity financially in terms of supporting the wages bill and is on track to support it so that we are totally financially sustainable. We have learned a lot and are continuing to learn. The cost effectiveness of having our consultant is immeasurable, since our profits are still rising.

- An optimistic Service Director