About Addiction Solutions

Addiction Solutions is a consultancy firm led by Yvonne Oliver employing a range of highly qualified professionals with the individual and unique expertise required to fulfil a range of contractual arrangements with companies and charities as well as providing advice and counselling services to individuals.

As founder and CEO of Addiction Solutions I bring a range of qualifications and a vast amount of knowledge and experience. As well as having a Leeds University BA Hons degree in Public Media and an MA in Managing Change from Bradford University I am a highly qualified Addiction Treatment professional with an MSc in Addictions Psychology from London South Bank University and two postgraduate Counselling Diplomas. I am also a qualified BACP registered counsellor.

I was the founder and CEO of a large successful Drug and Alcohol Dependency Service until 2007 and have been a speaker at numerous high profile Conferences and Seminars where I have shared panels and platforms with senior politicians and have sat on Ministerial Advisory Groups. I have been a frequent guest to both Houses of Parliament so I know more than most the difficulties in addressing and treating addictive disorder and creating policy and procedures for dealing with the consequences.

Addiction Solutions was set up to respond to the problems of addiction that go largely unaddressed in this country due mainly to fear and a lack of understanding of the problems associated with addiction. For many individuals and organisations dependency on alcohol and or drugs is only dealt with when the consequences have become so severe as to be causing a great deal of damage to either the individual or to companies.

It is estimated that a quarter of England's population consume hazardous amounts of alcohol. Alcohol addiction alone already costs the NHS more than £2.7 billion a year and an average of £550m to industry in lost production. The cost of drugs dependency is greater still and in 2001 the government set up the National Treatment Agency as a special Health Service to deal with the increasing costs of drug dependency to individuals, families, employees and the tax payer.

Professor Ian Gilmore, president of the Royal College of Physicians, said: "The nation's growing addiction to alcohol is putting an immense strain on health services, costing the NHS over £2.7 billion each year and this sum has doubled in less than five years” (Jan 2010).

Addiction Solutions works with individuals, companies and organisations to reduce the health, economic and social costs and to restore confidence by training and passing on knowledge and solutions to the problems caused by addiction to drugs, alcohol and other substances and behaviours such as gambling and eating disorders.


"As we prepared to run a locality based alcohol service, the training delivered by Yvonne Oliver was exceptional in terms of providing our staff with insight into the biological, psychological and sociological aspects of alcohol dependency. This helped considerably when planning interventions to help our client group; with particular emphasis on Motivational Interviewing".

Nic North, Highfield Healthy Lifestyle - Health Development Worker

“Working in Mental Health in today’s climate is a complex issue as more service users present to services with a dual diagnosis. Changing from delivering mental health services to including a substance misuse element requires a comprehensive service review.

Yvonne Oliver’s unique approach to this brief included training the workforce in understanding drug and alcohol dependency as well as developing interventions to manage and treat drugs and alcohol dependency. The third element involved policy development to create the structures necessary to incorporate the changes. This training was truly inspirational, relevant, and extremely valuable in term of managing organisational change”.

Mike Airey, Bradford District Care Trust - Unit Manager